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Wheelchair accessible tourist attractions

I’ll Have One of What He’s Having

I could use this.

This Looks Cool

I’ll look into it, but for now, here’s the basic data.

Changing Places toilets – petition

Please sign if you are in the UK:

Accessible adventure holidays

Please let us know if anyone has been on any of these trips and what it was like…

Smart accessibility

Very interesting article:

“a new generation of smart home devices coming to market that pack an array of sensors, from motion or proximity detection, to something that measures air quality, the possibilities of home automation are going to become almost limitless. And it’s not hard to see how that future could further improve accessibility and the lives of people with disabilities…”

“Airlines drop the ball on wheelchair insurance”

Reduced Mobility Rights post on airlines & wheelchair insurance

This Looks Pretty Cool

I have not tried this product and I have no affiliation with the company, but this looks like it might be pretty slick.

Watch the video.

This looks pretty cool.

For wheelchair users that hate transferring in and out of a vehicle.

Bonus; it’s electric!

Foldable wheels

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