In 1986 I jumped off a waterfall in Hawaii for “cheap thrills” , broke my back (T-12) and paralyzed myself from the waist down. I adjusted to the changes pretty smoothly, and learned how to get along as best as could be expected on my own. I have always loved to travel, and I was very pleased to discover that with a little extra effort, traveling in a wheelchair is completely do-able.


In 2000, at the age of 42, I met the love of my life, and after we got married in 2003, I moved to her native London. Helen shares my love of travel, and since moving to England we have made many journeys to Europe, the United States, and one trip (so far) to Istanbul, Turkey.

This blog will be a combination of accounts of our trips, some tips and tricks that we have learned along the way that can make it easier for other wheelchair travelers to get around, news related to wheelchair travel as well as items of interest to other people with mobility impairment, reviews on equipment related to mobility aid, photos of our journeys, and the occasional opinionated rant from me.

Helen and I have a particular philosophy that we follow when we travel and it can be summed up as follows:


  • We absolutely require accessible lodgings, especially the shower facilities, but we don’t want our accommodations to look like a hospital room.
  • We like to travel on our own, free to choose what we will do and when, rather than utilizing any tours or group packages.
  • We like to “walk” everywhere, without using taxis. I do not like to have to transfer out of my chair unless it’s absolutely necessary, and would much rather ride an accessible metro bus than get in and out of a cab.
  • We explore. We both like to take a lot of photos, and so we “walk” everywhere that we can and tend to avoid museums and other indoor attractions unless the weather is so miserable that we have no choice.


We hope that you enjoy The Stray Wheel, and we welcome any and all feedback.

(unless credited otherwise, all photos on this site have been taken by Helen Rosemier or Matt Rosemier.)

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  • Jake Forbis

    Love your blog and love of travelling. I recently spent two years living in Taiwan and they are in definite need of accessible wheelchair improvements. I recently returned back to the states and am working for a company now that is trying to improve access for wheelchair bound individuals who love being outside and going hiking or to the beach or on trails. We have a product called the Freedom Chair that do exactly that. If you have some time check it out and let me know what you think. There is a video on the website as well. Here is the link: http://crosswindconcepts.com/freedomchair.html . Thanks. Look forward to hearing back from you.

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