Adapted minibus transport in Ireland

We have just returned from a trip to Ireland and had a great experience with this hire company for transport from Dublin to Donegal and back: Smiths Minibus Hire Dublin.

We used a 10 seater van with a good ramp and space for the wheelchair.  Our driver Gary was fantastic – safe, very friendly and helpful, way above and beyond the call of duty!

Delighted with the service we received and we’d definitely use this company again.

One response to “Adapted minibus transport in Ireland

  • straywheel

    The van was full of smokers (myself included), and Gary was very accommodating to our needs for the occasional cigarette break. That was good, but what was great was the courteous and considerate manner in which Gary unloaded 4 huge bags each time (I was packed in kind of tight. Plenty of room, but surrounded by our luggage) in order to off-load me so that I could join everyone else for a fag break.

    I apologized profusely for the extra hassle I was causing him, and each time I did, Gary expressed such grace and courtesy (“No, it’s no trouble at all!”) that i never felt as though I were a burden.


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