Cape Verde

We had heard that these islands are coming up as a great destination as not too touristy yet and only about six hours flight from the UK.  Mindelo has a rich history and a great music scene. Seemed very appealing.

Doesn’t sound great for a wheelchair user however.

This is the message back from one of the specialist tour operators:

Thank you for your enquiry.
I would say that the islands would not be very easy at all.
There aren’t any hotels with adapted rooms on the islands and to visit Mindelo you would have to fly to the island of Sal, change aircraft to a 60 seater and onto Sao Vicente.
This would need to be done in reverse on the way back.
The roads and pavements can be very uneven, there are lots of cobbled streets and dust tracks.
Sorry if this is not very positive, but the islands are still not very developed.
Kind regards,

Nina Garrett
Sales Consultant

Tel: 0845 338 8708



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